Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Honest Scrap...don't get too excited

Dawn at Renaissance Mama posted her very own Honest Scrap so I thought I'd take a stab at it.

1. I buy books I never get around to read then sale them to the half price bookstore.

2. I screen my phone calls. In my defense I typically don't answer because I won't be able to give my full attention to the conversation. Now if I don't call you back...well that's another post.

3. I procrastinate as though it's in style. It's possible, as they say, I will be late to my own funeral.

4. I stay up WAY too late and usually fall asleep without washing my face or brushing my teeth. There. I said it. I did graduate from tuckering out on the couch to my bed.

5. My 'bucket list' has learning Spanish and learning to play the guitar on it. I own a guitar and several 'Learn Spanish' software programs. No habla espanol. No play-e the guitar-o, either.

6. I stalk people I don't know...virtually people. I spend countless hours reading blogs and it creeps my husband out.

7. I cry when My Mom cries. Every time. Kind of proud of that one...bond, I guess.

8. I am the BIGGEST klutz ever. I once cut my tongue open while jumping on a bed and broke my wrist by running into a wall...with my pants around my ankles. Oh, I was under the age of seven...tacky people. Sheesh!

9. My front six teeth are fake..it's a bridge...nice work Doc!

10. I want to live in India, and pray God will send us there one day.

I tag Rachael @ The Cottage Child, Bri @ Joyous Journeys, Tressa @ The Strickland Site, Julia @ Adam and Julia, and Adrianna @ Tuesday Mornings! Share and share alike!

PS...Please follow along and pray with me on my Prayer Blog, thanks!


bri said...

hahaha that is GREAT stuff Jen! I am still cracking up about the running into a wall with your pants around your ankles! Bwahahahahhahhahaha who does that! hahahahahaha
oh... me. Not my pants but the bed sheets. Talk about TIRED! hahahhaha

Tia said...

HAHAHA, those were great. I totally know how it goes to buy books just because they're on sale and seem good but never get around to reading them. I have quite the stack I'd like to bust into but not sure when I'll ever get around to it.

Oh and my husband ALSO thinks it's weird to read blogs by people I don't know. He's like, "why don't you make your own life just as exciting then you won't have to read about other peoples." AH, he doesn't get it. LOL.