Tuesday, June 23, 2009

God's Chisel

So, I'm really loving these Tangle (formerly God Tube) videos. Here is another thought provoking clip:....or not, having trouble loading the video. It really is a must see, check it out here.

I love the line, "I can't be good." And God responds, "I made you good, be good." How many times I find myself shaking my head at my kiddos. How many times I have to remind them to do what I say, to obey, to be good. The difference is they are kids. Why can I not figure out how to listen, obey and be good, simply because God called me to it. He didn't yell or get frustrated with me. He simply requested my attention, my obedience, my best. The gift of his son is so enormous in comparison to obedience to his word.

We are such slaves to approval. To the approval of others and what we think God wants of us. It is true that we ARE NOT junk. That we ARE an original masterpiece. I catch myself being reminded of what kind of example I want to be for my children. If I choose to be flippant about the value I place on what God has called me to be, what does that mean for them? Will they wallow in doubt instead of standing affirmed in their identity in Christ.

This video challenges me to chisel away the junk that I affixed to my walk and blinders to my vision. Only then can I fulfill what is God's best and lean on Him, and only him. I am blessed with an amazing husband, two beautiful children, and too many friends and family members to count, but at the end of the day...HE is ENOUGH! He sustains me!

Randy and I were discussing a conversation he had with an elder in our church about our walk as Christians. The thought that stands out is that we are 'supposed' to look different. So many times in life I have chosen my own path. Even still there were times God asked me to do things that looked weird to others. Throw in trying my best with an overactive flesh, I have sometimes come out looking like a 'hot mess'. It's not in the outcome, so much as the obedience. God knows us. Truly knows us in our inner most being. We fail when the action is for outward appearance, but the inside cringes. Or when we ignore God's voice and proceed right along as though it was his blessing. I don't want to do either, but have succumbed to the flesh and done both.

So, I say Father chisel what you will and grant me the stamina to see you through. Give me comfort and peace when it becomes unbearable. Hold my hand when I tremble. Wipe my tears when I cry, but still chisel.