Friday, June 5, 2009

Bella-bella Boo-boo and some side notes

That is the nickname our good friend Scott gave Bella when we joined their Lifegroup. That's who is in this picture...

But, this amazing, beautiful little girl...yep still her just a little lighter.

I LOVE her haircut, but I LOVED her long hair too. She donates it to Locks of Love, so alas I let her. Daddy was even less resistant this time around.

So I love this:

The late author was a known atheist, but I like to believe the verse about "the world you desire can be won", is really salvation for the lost. Beauty from ashes right? So I translate it as such and am hopeful of what God has in store for us this weekend. I am so thankful he goes before us, with us, and behind us! I updated my prayer journal with notes I heard while praying for our trip. I would love for our friends to pray for us and our team and then share what God is saying. Just head over to ( and leave a note. I'll recap our trip when I get back and I'd love to combine the two.

We love you guys and can't wait to share what God is, will do, and did in Edingburg, Texas!


Adam and Julia said...

Bella is absolutely gorgeous! She looks like a model!

Tressa said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! She is absolutely beautiful! I love the new cut!