Saturday, June 20, 2009

Abba it's your day!

Randy, you were a father the day I met you. You had a heart to mentor, love and tend to each little person's life that you came into contact with. I am so thankful you are the Father to my children. You teach me every day how to love more intentionally, with a fierce passion and with the instruction from our heavenly Father. Thank you.

The kids answered some questions on how they love you that I wanted to share.

Momma: What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy?

Caleb: Build.

Isabella: Just being with him.

(Momma: I just love watching you together. How you teach them, even without words.)

Momma: What is your favorite memory with Daddy?

Caleb: When he tells me about how he asked God for a son before I was born and how happy he was when he got me.

Isabella: Sharing the secret about Momma's surprise birthday present and cake.

(Momma: The day each of them were born and the pride in your eyes when you held them for the first time.)

Momma: What do you love about Daddy?

Caleb:He's funny, best person I know that is a guy, best cook, he has a really cool truck, and the best Dad ever. Mom, I just can't explain how much I love Daddy, because I love him so much.

Isabella:: He's silly, fun to play with, most awesome Dad ever, a great builder, helps Mommy, he can do anything, and helps anyone who needs help.

(Momma: That you love us well and with your whole heart! And that you earnestly seek God's best for you and our family.)

Then we prayed for you and waited on God and this is what God told and showed us about you.

Caleb: You never give up.

Isabella: That you can do anything. That you have special gifts.

Momma: A picture of you stepping over mountains. God sees your big leaps of faith. He is so proud that you don't waste time in life's valley's, but stride in step with his plan.

Randy, you are an amazing man. I will continue to attempt to love the way you love. Thank you for always seeking God's best. Thank you for striving to be the best example of Christ you know how to be. Thank you for loving me in spite of my mistakes. Thank you for saying I do to this life of ours, with all of it's peaks and valleys.

And to our heavenly Father, thank you for giving us the perfect Daddy. Thank you that you pour out your love and mercy new each morning, that our Daddy may love us more. Thank you that you are not done with our Daddy, and that you continue to make him a better man each day. God, we love you and here is what we want to share with you!

Caleb: You are the almighty God. You are greater than anything!

Isabella: You have the strength to do anything. You help and provide for us. Thank you for helping me do the right things and not the wrong things.

Jenni: Thanking you for loving me just as I am. For being patient with me when I stray from your plan. I long to hold your hand and live with you!


Adam and Julia said...

That was beautiful! Happy father's day, Randy!