Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fun, Food, and Fellowship

Not necessarily in that order, or together...kidding! We had a blast this weekend!

Saturday, Randy thought it a keen idea to stop by the Flea Market, and thank goodness we didn't find fleas, but we did find these: (Yes, I'm well aware I'm a dork.)

4 Pints of Strawberries, 3 Pineapples, 16 Roma Tomatoes, 2lb. White Onion, 1 lb Tomatillos, 1 lb. Jalapenos @ $13...quite a DEAL!

Calla Lilly, African Violet, and Unknown flowers :P

After we dropped off our goodies we headed to Capt. Billy Whizzbang's, a local hamburger joint and loaded up on yummy goodness! I love their hamburgers and Cajun Chips! Yum-O!

Then back to the house to make some SALSA! My Aunt Mary Helen, my Mom's sister, was in town and we were geared up for her to make the whole family a Mexican feast. So, of course I planned to impress her by having my very WHITE husband make homemade fresh salsa. One day, I will learn to cook Mexican food and speak Spanish and not feel so out of place when people ask if I'm 'REALLY' Mexican. The food was great...FRESH homemade tortillas, people! We also brought two of the pineapples for dessert. I eat mine with lemon/lime juice and chili's delish, try it!

Mom and Tia Mary Helen

Then the kids hit the slip 'n slide in the backyard, wearing them out for a good night's rest!

Cousins: Caleb, Isabella, Andrew, Keegan, and William



Sunday, is our family day so we hung out at the house. We 'helped' Daddy make some Strawberry Jam from our Flea Market finds...can't wait to try it. And attempted to replicate our favorite sandwich from Quizno's the Turkey Bacon Guacamole. It's possible they will be asking for our recipe, because I personally thought ours was WAY better!

Looking forward to a busy week! Ciao! I mean, Adidos Amigos! (See, I know Spanish!)

PS...Please follow along and pray with me on my Prayer Blog, thanks!


Adam and Julia said...

LOL!!! That is too funny! I can teach you Spanish if you like!

Simona Walters said...

I love this sandwich yum-o. We too have made this at home and although I love the ability to go out and not have to slave in the kitchen , we loved ours way better too. So when in a rush Quiznos can always satisfy the hunger, but otherwise I stick my tounge out to them and say "nanana I can make one much better" (Although I don't have fabulous photos to prove it.)
What a great way to spend family days.
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