Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I had an awesome weekend with my family and want to share all the ways I was GRATEFUL for such sweet times!

I started Friday night off with some sister time, or seester as we call it, with my only sister, Jackie. We were able to sneak away, sans hubby's & kiddos and chilax. We enjoyed great coffee & music at a local coffee shop, Common Grounds. I love this little gem...it's were Randy and I spent many a date night planning our future and love to go there every chance we get.

Saturday was soccer time! I'm coaching Bella's team this year & know diddly squat about soccer. The kids are having a blast, so that's what counts. And, by penalty of...something pretty intimidating...DO NOT ASK ABOUT OUR WIN/LOSS RATIO!

Bella and I got to have some quality time at a local Fall Craft Fair & then lunch, while Caleb played at Grandma's.

And then we...Cates clan...most of us anyway, went to Kaska Family Farms, Saturday night. SO FUN! We played in haystacks, shot corn with a corn gun, went through a corn maze, went on a hay ride, played laughed & created fun memories!

Bella and Caleb


Caleb, Bella and cousin Claire

Group Shot of MOST of us!

Mom and kiddos, who WERE NOT interested in being photographed!

Then we played baseball as a family at my brother, Jason's house. This was the second Sunday we gathered and we liked it enough, so we are planning to play again next Sunday! Growing up we were pretty much forced to play together. With 6 brothers and a sister, I was very lucky for a traveling play date. And although I wasn't always excited about the idea then, I'm loving hanging with with them now! We had an absolute blast!

Jackie sporting a HOT Catcher's get up!

Cousin, William SO OVER this picture with Bella!

Even with all our fun, we still missed Daddy. He was working so hard for our family all day & resting up at night! He is an amazing Daddy & we are SO GRATEFUL for him! We had some fun time with him when we visited our annual fair, earlier this month. We rode some rides, bought some fun stuff from a few booths & dined on scrumptious corn dogs & funnel cake! Woo Hoo!

I'm a pretty darn blessed girl and pretty grateful for it!

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Anonymous said...

How fun! Looks like you had a blast. Cute kids too!

Teresa said...

oops! I hit send before I told you who I was. I do NanaHood. If you have any nanas in your life tell them about NanaHood!