Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I have a new link for personal, family, friends, life, etc. prayer requests. Check it out and leave a comment, but more than anything please pray for us...we need warriors standing in the gap for us. Also, pics and updates of our family VBS are coming soon, we have just been in a whirlwind lately. Ciao!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

You know your a Mom....

As suggested by my girlfriend Marie, here are my Mommy moments...

You find action figures, a half eaten bag of fruit snacks (hot and gooey I might add), and sparkly hot pink Princess Jasmine sunglasses in your purse, but your keys are no where to be found.

Subject yourself to pint sized feet to your back all night long, just to snuggle as they sleep because those moments are fleeting.

Call your husband every child's name and maybe even the dog's, just not his own...and still probably not even catch on that you have.

Never leave home with your hair fixed, much less dry while mastering the art to 'paint' your face in between red lights and stop signs. All the while catching the glare of fellow road hogs as you curl your eyelashes with a contraption that makes most glances twitch.

While at work seriously lick your finger and get within inches of a co-workers face to remove the smudge you notice.

Consider Goldfish crackers an extension of the food pyramid, without the slightest twinge of guilt.

Proceed to discipline your child with the exact same lecture you swore you would never let survive your childhood...and then crack up @ the thought and forget what you were doing in the first place.

Pack half of every family members wardrobe to go on an overnight stay...'just in case', yet still forget something minor like let's say underwear for Mom. (Note to readers, hasn't happen yet, but I can totally see it in the near future.)

You would actually take a vacation day (..or call in sick..opps) to clean your house, because when else is it gonna get done?

You can't go to sleep until each 'mini me' is checked on, tucked in (again), and kissed one more time, after all that's what it's all about.

So, that's me. What about you...chaos, bliss, some of both. Blog about it, I'd love to read yours, too.

Mucho Blessings,

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Carter Michael Cates

More blessings to share! Introducing the second newest edition to our extended family! Carter Michael Cates is my brother Sean and his wife Chelle's first child, born 10 weeks premature, but right in God's timing. We welcomed this blessing Sunday, July 15th. @ 8:33 am, weighing 2lbs. & 4 ozs., and 14 in. long. Mom and baby are doing well, as is the VERY PROUD Daddy! We are so thankful for this precious baby boy and ask that you pray for this little guy, that he would grow strong and healthy and able to go home in a couple of months. Thank you for sharing in our joy!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Early Randy.....

Had to share how cute my husband as a chubby baby looks in this old family pic! He is on the floor on the right .....check out those cheeks!!! If there was a question before, you can definitely see why I married this incredibly adorable little guy...he is still adorable and 'little'...hee, hee, hee!

Friendship of the Heart

I have a dear friend, Liz, who I have known since probably grade long I've forgotten! I was able to spend time with her last night, the first time in a couple years since she is a missionary for our church. Such a wave of refreshment to be in community with this girl. I am blessed to walk with a gal who has sold out for Jesus and trusted in him in every way. I say all this to just request accountability for friendships of the heart. I want more of Jesus in a fresh way...yes in the tangible seeking him way, but also in the beauty of true kinship. I have withdrawn from the intimacy found in friendship in alot of ways and need God fearing hungry believers to walk with. To motivate my restless heart to serve in my giftings, to live out examples of Christian motherhood/marriage/womanhood, to speak truth and accountability into my life. I want to exhale fear and inhale freedom! Thank you God for the season you have me in, and thank you for where you are taking me....and thank you Lord for the trials and blessings that come either way. Wash me in your cleansing wave of refreshment!

Colt Landon Carlisle

Intoducing our nephew, Colt Landon Carlisle born 7.11.07 @ 12:23 pm, weighing in @ 8lbs. 6oz. and 20 in. long! We are excited and rejoicing for a smooth delivery for Mom, Missy. What a joy to welcome this new addition to our family! He is the first of three new additions to our family...we are awaiting two more kiddos by 2008! If you haven't guessed yet, I am an extremely proud aunt!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

blogging...take 2

okay, so i thought i would be submitting a daily account of the in and outs of the carlisle chaos...anyone who knows me well, thought better and thought right. so a month later we are in the thick of the summer and having a ball. we are at the end of school and will be heading to colorado for a friend's wedding so, after that we are for the most part home here from there on out. we just spent the weekend with my family, the original clan...the cates clan, to celebrate my oldest brother (1 of 6) sean's birthday. we had a blast being all together, eating, laughing, and taking lots of pictures! it was a sight to see!

the kiddos are in vbs this week @ a local church and loving it! they are also staying with (second) cousins three days a week and having an absolute blast. wonderful blessing to our pocketbook to not have them in traditional childcare/summer camp and a definite blessing to spend more time with this family we adore!

mommy is finalizing plans and details for a home vbs 7.30.07 to 8.3.07 that we are so excited about! we will have ten kiddos including caleb and bella, and we are believing god is gonna show up in a big and mighty way! so encouraged and refreshed by all who have prayed, and given financially and practically. what a blessing to have such wonderful friends and family!

we are in the countdown for bella and caleb's birthdays. (bella has counted down for a few months now) and mommy is reminiscing about days gone by. caleb will be 8 on sept. 3rd. and bella 6 on aug 16th. such blessings, my sweet kiddos are to my heart!

daddy is being kept on his toes lately, by keeping caleb and bella home with him on monday and tuesday each week. they are having a blast being home with their beloved daddy!

so in a word we are blessed! eventually i will figure out how to post pictures to my blogs and keep everyone up to date visually!

by the way our (extended) family is approximately an hour we are welcoming our nephew colt landon carlisle into the world! like i said we are so blessed!

Friday, June 15, 2007


new to the blogging world. neat outlet to express me and my crew. summer is finally here, hot and sticky...typical Texas weather. love that the kiddos are getting a bit of a break..rough school year. we are excited to be in this season of working towards homeschool. hoping that everything comes together with as little stress as possible. lucky the lord is on our side...we are praying for grace as we venture into the unknown of homeschool. one more year...excitement builds! rb and i are in our seventh year of marriage and approaching our tenth year (jan 08) of dating and marriage, as well as, hs reunion! yikes! tis true that time flies when you are having fun! while we hear of most of our friends getting hitched, we are old pros (hmmmm..). seriously, it has been a ride these last couple of years, but I wouldn't change a thing. great god, great husband, great kiddos, great family, great friends! hope all is well and blessed! yee haw!