Thursday, July 12, 2007

Friendship of the Heart

I have a dear friend, Liz, who I have known since probably grade long I've forgotten! I was able to spend time with her last night, the first time in a couple years since she is a missionary for our church. Such a wave of refreshment to be in community with this girl. I am blessed to walk with a gal who has sold out for Jesus and trusted in him in every way. I say all this to just request accountability for friendships of the heart. I want more of Jesus in a fresh way...yes in the tangible seeking him way, but also in the beauty of true kinship. I have withdrawn from the intimacy found in friendship in alot of ways and need God fearing hungry believers to walk with. To motivate my restless heart to serve in my giftings, to live out examples of Christian motherhood/marriage/womanhood, to speak truth and accountability into my life. I want to exhale fear and inhale freedom! Thank you God for the season you have me in, and thank you for where you are taking me....and thank you Lord for the trials and blessings that come either way. Wash me in your cleansing wave of refreshment!


Tressa said...

aaawwwwwww. I love Liz. She is a precious jewel! And so are you Jenni! I would love to come alongside of you in this season! Check your schedule and lets get together!!

Melissa Stuff said...