Friday, June 24, 2011

{InstaFriday: Bloom & Bee Swanky Edition}

Sorry for the hiatus.  I unplugged a bit.  No new news around these parts.  My absence consisted of carving out some intentional time with some lovelies in my life to equal parts hiding.  I'll update on the latter, until then, I thought I'd make a bloggy return a la Insta-Friday style...what what!?!?

I did not prepare by snapping pics during the week, ya know due to the fact that I decided on a whim to make it all about my shopping trip to Bloom and Bee Swanky this afternoon.  First, BBS is local and I'm sorry for you if you aren't and can't participate in it's amazingness because after these pics you will be too.  So anywho, I won a giveaway on their blog and no longer than 3 hours after the mailman dropped it off I jumped on my trusty steed and we were off. { Not really...obvs, but I had to get that in for you non Texans who think we still have a general store. Just saying.}

Doesn't that entrance say, "Come on in and have some ice tea?"  Unfortunately it did not....ya'll it's hot in the South!

I almost bought this dress, 'cept it would look like a backless tube top and it was paper.  PAPER, ya'll...amazingness.

And there was this number  that was equally gorgeous...the pic does not do justice to the mad talent behind these beauties.

I fell head over heels in love with this bed!  White linens are on my bucket list to some day own.  This requires my kidlets to be all grown up and my hubs to embrace due time.

I would pair it with this awesome side table!  How creative is that!?!?

How about this bad boy for a corner display?  Weathered door + rustic iron + feathered wings = Amazingness...I warned you.

I would LOVE...NEED this beauty for my sewing room.  One day I will collect all my treasures and have my own room for creating.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

I thought these would be awesome for  a media/game cool!

Moving on to my kitchen...hee, hee.  I love this hammered table top!

Paired of course with this SUPER cool light fixture made from used wine bottles.

So this is my jackpot!  Most of it is for projects I plan to attack this weekend, so I'll be back with the outcome next week.  Cross your fingers it pans out like I'm imaging. PS Don't hate on my bright turquoise watch either!


Friday, June 17, 2011

{Joplin, Blankets & Craft Night!}

Well, {Shop for Jop} came to a close this week and I didn't do a very good job of getting the word out.  With online sales, local sales and a little extra to get a 'round' number I will be donating $25 to World Vision.  It's a small donation, but I was so blessed by those who bought and so humbled to give. I don't have a affiliation with Joplin or even know someone who was directly effected by the devastation, but my heart  hurts for those hurting. I know God can use the $25 I am giving, but I also know I have more to give.

I'm teaming up with my sweet friend Christie to make blankets for the littles who were effected by the tornadoes. We have decided to ship directly to a contact we have with James River Assembly of God who will hand deliver them to tornado victims. We wanted this to be a project anyone could do no matter their skill level so we are suggesting Fleece No Sew Knot Blankets. These two tutorials are great examples with very simple directions.

I went ahead and made one using a solid Mustard and a colorful robot theme.

I love that these sweet blankets will bring comfort to a little who is experiencing so many changes.  The familiarity of a blanket for a little one is such a precious gift!  I was reading a blog post where a Momma's vehicle was stolen, and of all the items in the vehicle including the vehicle itself, she was most upset about losing the handmade blankets her quads received in the NICU.  This was a total motivator to get on the ball with this project!

Christie found a great deal on fleece at our local Joann's and fleece that is regularly $9.99 is on sale for $3.99! The sale only lasts til Saturday, so we decided to act quickly.  

I am hosting a Craft Night at my house 
Monday, June 20th. at 6pm.  

This is open to all locals, so shoot me an email at carlisleclanconversation{at}hotmail{dot}com 
if you are interested for a headcount and directions.  

The idea is for everyone coming to make a blanket for Joplin Tornado Victims.  Each blanket (if made for a little one) will only need two yards of fleece.  No sewing required and we will walk you through each step.  Christie and I are asking that you pay for the shipping of each blanket you make, which will roughly be $4.  We are also open to donations.  You can either make the blanket yourself and we can email you the address to mail it or you can send funds via paypal (email for details) to sponsor a blanket and we will make it and ship it out.  To ensure the blankets are delivered at the same time, we ask that all blankets be made and shipped no later than June 30th.

I also found a fun tutorial to make using flannel.

We are open to whatever you want to do.  If you sew and want to make one using your own tutorial and different material...go for it!  If you are a mad skill quilter that can crank one out lickity split...then go on girl/guy!  We want this to be a blessing to you and the babes, I know if I was Momma of a blanket recipient it would bless me immeasurably to know someone was thinking and praying for my littles.

And because we also want craft night to be fun for YOU, we will be making Fabric Covered Button Earrings too! That might turn out as cute as Mique's!

And because dessert is always fun, how about some of these: 

...because Julie's recipe is to die for! So who's in and what dessert are you bringing?


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

{Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!}


{winner numero uno}
{winner numero dos}

{winner numero tres}

Congrats Erin, Jewett Family, and Naomi!

 Yay ladies {and your friends} email me at 
carlisleclanconversation {at} hotmail {dot} com
to confirm your selections and your address to mail out your packages!

If you didn't win, but still want to order, 25% of all Ragamuffin Beauties sales through June 13th will be donated to World Vision for Relief Efforts for Joplin.

PS Wendy wins for the comment that most cracked me up!


Monday, June 6, 2011

{Shop for Jop}

When I first stumbled across Wendy's blog I was so intrigued to be following a former childhood actress...especially one who had worked with Kirk Cameron and Mark Paul Gosselaar...swoon! Her humor and authenticity of the craziness and joys called motherhood kept me coming back for more. Then as I read more her faith and Faith, my heart connected on a deeper level.
Like most of us I was so saddened by the devastation that occurred with the Joplin Tornadoes. Wendy shared her cousin Shane's story of how is family survived, but their house and vehicle did not.

She also shared an amazing idea: Shop for Jop!">"/>
Each shop , including my shop Ragamuffin Beauties, is donating a portion of their shop sales to aide in relief efforts starting today through midnight on June13th.  I have selected to donate 25% to World Vision.  If you make a purchase today you can also gain 5 additional entries into my giveaway that ends tonight at midnight!  
Wendy has details on how you can donate directly to her cousin on today's blog post.  As Wendy stated, I encourage you to donate to an organization of your choice aiding the relief efforts if you just want to donate directly.