Friday, June 24, 2011

{InstaFriday: Bloom & Bee Swanky Edition}

Sorry for the hiatus.  I unplugged a bit.  No new news around these parts.  My absence consisted of carving out some intentional time with some lovelies in my life to equal parts hiding.  I'll update on the latter, until then, I thought I'd make a bloggy return a la Insta-Friday style...what what!?!?

I did not prepare by snapping pics during the week, ya know due to the fact that I decided on a whim to make it all about my shopping trip to Bloom and Bee Swanky this afternoon.  First, BBS is local and I'm sorry for you if you aren't and can't participate in it's amazingness because after these pics you will be too.  So anywho, I won a giveaway on their blog and no longer than 3 hours after the mailman dropped it off I jumped on my trusty steed and we were off. { Not really...obvs, but I had to get that in for you non Texans who think we still have a general store. Just saying.}

Doesn't that entrance say, "Come on in and have some ice tea?"  Unfortunately it did not....ya'll it's hot in the South!

I almost bought this dress, 'cept it would look like a backless tube top and it was paper.  PAPER, ya'll...amazingness.

And there was this number  that was equally gorgeous...the pic does not do justice to the mad talent behind these beauties.

I fell head over heels in love with this bed!  White linens are on my bucket list to some day own.  This requires my kidlets to be all grown up and my hubs to embrace due time.

I would pair it with this awesome side table!  How creative is that!?!?

How about this bad boy for a corner display?  Weathered door + rustic iron + feathered wings = Amazingness...I warned you.

I would LOVE...NEED this beauty for my sewing room.  One day I will collect all my treasures and have my own room for creating.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

I thought these would be awesome for  a media/game cool!

Moving on to my kitchen...hee, hee.  I love this hammered table top!

Paired of course with this SUPER cool light fixture made from used wine bottles.

So this is my jackpot!  Most of it is for projects I plan to attack this weekend, so I'll be back with the outcome next week.  Cross your fingers it pans out like I'm imaging. PS Don't hate on my bright turquoise watch either!



grey rose (they/them) said...

wow! what an awesome shop!
welcome back;)

Kyla Armstrong said...

What a fab shop! How are you friend?? I linked up this week too! but at my other blog :0)

Melissa Stuff said...

RB embrace white bed linens? I'm thinking he might agree to not care what color they are one day, but his side won't stay white long with all the sitting on, setting things on, and general lack of concern for all things material he has going on.

Jessica Johnson said...

hiiiii!!! welcome back. even though i'm a week late in welcoming you. we have white linens. and they are totally easy. i just bleach them. talk that hubby into them! and into a CA visit while you're at it... ;) xxoo

grey rose (they/them) said...

hope all is well!

Jami said...

Oh wow, I want to go shopping with you! PLEASE!