Wednesday, July 18, 2007

You know your a Mom....

As suggested by my girlfriend Marie, here are my Mommy moments...

You find action figures, a half eaten bag of fruit snacks (hot and gooey I might add), and sparkly hot pink Princess Jasmine sunglasses in your purse, but your keys are no where to be found.

Subject yourself to pint sized feet to your back all night long, just to snuggle as they sleep because those moments are fleeting.

Call your husband every child's name and maybe even the dog's, just not his own...and still probably not even catch on that you have.

Never leave home with your hair fixed, much less dry while mastering the art to 'paint' your face in between red lights and stop signs. All the while catching the glare of fellow road hogs as you curl your eyelashes with a contraption that makes most glances twitch.

While at work seriously lick your finger and get within inches of a co-workers face to remove the smudge you notice.

Consider Goldfish crackers an extension of the food pyramid, without the slightest twinge of guilt.

Proceed to discipline your child with the exact same lecture you swore you would never let survive your childhood...and then crack up @ the thought and forget what you were doing in the first place.

Pack half of every family members wardrobe to go on an overnight stay...'just in case', yet still forget something minor like let's say underwear for Mom. (Note to readers, hasn't happen yet, but I can totally see it in the near future.)

You would actually take a vacation day (..or call in sick..opps) to clean your house, because when else is it gonna get done?

You can't go to sleep until each 'mini me' is checked on, tucked in (again), and kissed one more time, after all that's what it's all about.

So, that's me. What about you...chaos, bliss, some of both. Blog about it, I'd love to read yours, too.

Mucho Blessings,


mp said...

haha those are funny! thanks for sharing.

The Gomez Family said...

Totally got you on the Goldfish thing. :) Too funny!!

Melissa Stuff said...

Okay, I know I'm in the weepy stage anyway, but that made me cry!

Brian and Becca said...

that's so funny...thanks. i'll have to try to come up with my own list.

Crystal said...

I actually did the call in on Friday to clean my house. :)