Sunday, October 4, 2009


Photo By: Margo C

Where have I been? Did you notice my absence? I've been lurking in the shadows of the blogsphere trying to find my way. Life has been hectic, amazing, trying, life giving, and precious. I've learned that I am no closer to mastering marriage, motherhood, friendship, or servanthood than I was two months ago. The difference is I've learned to be okay with it. Not comfort in mediocrity, but confidence in the fact that God made me in his image. I am not called to be anyone other than what God called me to be. Unique, albeit quirky, and blissfullly made by the potter's hand.

This week I was challenged to grasp the Father's love. To sit still and make out his voice in the silence. I heard him as I waited to hear good news from Carter's visit to Boston. And as we rejoiced that Randy's uncle was not severely injured in a four car accident. And I surely heard it when my nephew, Riley made it out of ICU and home without a visit to meet Jesus. I've cried, I've rejoiced, and I've prayed enough to invest in knee pads. Today as I held Bella sick from a stomach bug, I relished my call to be her mother. I thought of what it was to be God's child and how his heart aches when we are hurt, or sick, or lost.

This week was also one of affirmation. A friend built up truth as she shared God wanted to tell me I was making the right choice in home schooling. I read this post and then this post and was deeply encouraged as a Mother. But the times (I'm working on consistency) I spent with Jesus were the purest gems & are best described as LIFE.


Adam and Julia said...

Check out my blog - I gave you an award.

ragamuffinbeauties said...

Thanks Jules!!! Love you!