Friday, May 20, 2011


Oh yeah you heard me, Oh Snap!  It's my phrase of choice and fits perfectly with the  ridiculously amazing creative blogging and social media conference, coming up next April in Salt Lake City baby! Woot!

I told Tauni, I would be the official Snap cheerleader, so here I am...

Okay maybe not but I have a cheer:

Blogging, Twitter, Facebook is our game!
Oh Snap, Oh Snap!
Social Media is to blame!
Oh Snap, Oh Snap!

We love handmade and can't get enough!
Oh Snap, Oh Snap!
We're not just Mommy bloggers...hush that stuff!
Oh Snap, Oh Snap!

Okay so it might need a little work, but I think the sass is a nice touch.

So what is all this Snap business about?  It's an amazing opportunity for me to gather with like minded friends who enjoy creative blogging like me.  The ladies behind Snap have proposed an opportunity for YOU to help pick someone to go for FREE.  Since you know FREE is my middle name and the fact that I use Oh Snap like it's going out of should totally be me, right? Well, go vote for me...please, pretty please!  I am not above groveling. #justsaying ( <----- see major Twitter addict, I MUST go!)

Here's an additional Top Ten of why you should pick me:

1. This blog needs some serious help,
so I need another session with the amazing Tauni and her infinite wisdom!

2.  I want to laugh til my side hurts when I get to see Char again!

3. So maybe some of Jen's creative genius will rub off on me...yes please!

4. Because I wanna squeeze my FAVORITE sisters,
the precious Jess and Mique! I {heart} these girls! And I REALLY
wanna shop Queen Bee Market!

5. Because, maybe just maybe I'll get a chance to hear Shelley sing again
(did ya'll know girlfriend can SING!) and share our hearts over dinner!

6. I need more glitter and unicorns in my life and Stephanie 
brings that awesomesauce to the table every time.

7.  I get to bring my blogging partner in crime, Missy.

8. AND, Missy and I convinced our hubbies to tag along! What?!?!

9. My babies love me more after a break, just keeping it real.
This homeschooling Momma needs a break
at least once a year ya'll...and my 'job' doesn't exactly have a vacay benefit.

 10. I want to meet my FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!


Tauni said...

Bwahahaha. You're killing me with that photo!

Just wanted to pop over and wish you the very best of luck!


Jen @ said...

LOL - you are the funniest!!! Love that picture!!

Good luck! My fingers are crossed for you !!


Amy said...

ha! LOVE the cheer! Good luck with the contest! Hope to see you in April!

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

You FOR SURE need to be there. Here. Whatever.


House of Smiths said...

You MUST COME!!! :) You might even hear me sing again, if you do! hahaha!

Holly said...

your blog is cute! You are too funny!

Steph said...

You had me had unicorns... and the cheerleader photo.

Erin Burns said...

I love you.
You never fail at brightening my day!! (Voted for you too!)

Sandy a la Mode said...

hahahhah aren't you the cutest thing ever?!?

Tricia Hicks said...

Voted for you!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Hey honey - voted for you three times!! XO!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

And I tweeted it - best of luck! XO!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

love this post!! You get my votes! XO!