Monday, May 16, 2011

{Servant's Heart}

I have a great pair of french doors with inlay shutters at the back of my house.  Perfect for watching the kids frolic fight in the backyard.

Last week, I used those windows to watch my hubby teach my son a sweet lesson of how to love and serve his future bride well.

Shortly after dropping my SIL and I at the airport back in March for Creative Estates, my Hubs with kids in tow made their way to my FIL's house.  He lives a good hour and half from us and we don't nearly get enough time to visit regularly. Because my FIL works from home, it was a perfect chance to catch him before they headed home.  My in-laws had recently pulled up several bricks from their backyard patio.  Being ever so resourceful the Hubs offered to take the bricks off his hands.  We have a compact car and an old truck that might make it 30-45 miles from home.  This was going to be a long term commitment.  My father-in-law offered his truck and so began the trek home...back and forth to get it all home.  Quite the ordeal since we all got up around 4am!

He was so excited to show me the fruits of his labor when I got home.  He designed a brick slab to set our backyard swing on.  Not finished, but the gesture was worth it's weight in gold. He took the initiative to use some free time while I was gone to do something sweet for me.  This week he has finally had enough of a lull in his busy schedule to set to work at leveling the ground and preparing to make it a permanent slab.

I watched as my son handed his Daddy each brick.  Precision to ensure the work was done according to plan.  I watched as my son eagerly looked to his Dad for direction, willing to help.  I watched as sweat poured down on my Hubby's brow to complete this labor of love.

To most people, a brick slab doesn't evoke heart palpitations, but to me it is swoon worthy.  My hubby and I love to swing on the swing in breezy summer evenings, dreaming and reminiscing.  It's our special spot.  A year earlier he transformed the swing my parents gifted us by replacing the worn fabric cushions with more permanent wood seating.  I love how he values this sweet spot to continue to approve upon it.

More than the makeover on our special spot, I love the legacy he is weaving for our children.  I love that my son will value investing in his marriage.  I love that he will learn how to serve his wife.  I love that he longs to be the man his Father has become.

I am blessed to have an amazing husband who is an equally amazing Father.  So thankful that he willing serves me and builds up our marriage in ways I never knew I needed.




Mindy M. Harris said...

your blog is so cute so now i follow it! cute stuff in your etsy shop...hmmm.

Jessica Johnson said...

So sweet. Totally get the swoon-worthiness over the seemingly simple things. Those are the best things.

katie said...

Very sweet. What a perfect place for you two to sit and chit chat together!

TDM Wendy said...