Saturday, October 5, 2013

31 Days: Day Five Word of God Speak

This.  Major conviction for me.

I shared yesterday how I am calling this releasing the words. Funny that is exactly what I need to do.

I help a few ladies from my church lead a small group of the middle school and high school age girls in our church.  We are reading Graceful, by Emily Freeman and we recently touched on how we present ourselves to one another.  The example of cussing came up and it was a gut check.  It's not something I'm especially proud of, but it's an expression of the sin I let into my life. That's not condemnation for you, hear my heart, it is sin for me.  Sin I am aware of and have not been able to overcome.  And as I thought of that, the verse above was brought to mind.  I have it in my home as a reminder of an area I need to seek grace for because I can't do it alone. 

There's a nursery rhyme you should remember from growing up...

Sticks and stones
may break my bones
but, words will never hurt me.

Words do hurt.  

On an especially trying day of motherhood, the Lord led me to Proverbs 15:1 and I posted this picture on Instagram. I'm pretty sure I posted something about needing it tattooed to my forehead...I elected sharpie on my palm.  As my patience dissolves the octave of my voice rises.  I could give so many excuses, but they don't eliminate the impact my behavior has on my children's hearts.

I know I will never achieve a sinless life.  I know there is grace and forgiveness. I still long for a day when my words are quick to encourage before they are quick to correct.  That they are words spoken in kindness and not in anger.  That they would be pleasing to the Father in all ways.  That this would be the truth of my home: