Saturday, September 3, 2011

{Happy Birthday Caleb!}

Twelve years ago you made a frightened nineteen year old a Mommy.  You made me want to fiercely protect you while molding you into a young man ready to tackle the world.

You made your Daddy and I work harder at loving each other and Jesus.  Our love for you made us face every hurdle with courage. 

Bubba I love how you love with your whole heart and are sensitive, just like Daddy!  I love that you wait for me to get dressed every day just so you can say I look pretty (no matter what I'm wearing or look like!).

I love that you have talked about serving your country as a soldier since you were a little boy.  And when you aren't mesmerized with that you would be content to spread the gospel and remind me we need to every chance you can get.

I love that you are inquisitive and ask more questions than humanly possible.  I love that you are ALL boy.  I love that you are silly and make me laugh every day.

I love that you are confident and protective. I love that you are creative and passionate.

Most of all my sweet boy, I love that you are mine!

You Are My Sunshine, will always be our song.  I will never forget those tender moments we shared when I rocked and sang, you cooed and gripped my finger, and we said goodnight with our signature kiss of my lips to the sweet little bridge of your nose.

And because you love Jesus and a mean beat, here is one of your favorite tunes and one of your favorite toys:

Happy Birthday Caleb Wayne, Daddy, Mommy and Sissy love you so!



Melissa Stuff said...

So do Uncle Joe, Aunt Missy, Riley, Colt and Weston. See you soon.

Janet said...

Happy Birthday, Caleb! What sweet memories, Jenni.