Tuesday, August 16, 2011

{Happy Birthday Bella!}

I cannot explain the joy it is to be this girl's mother.  She challenges me in ways that I could never fathom.  She loves passionately and gives freely.  She has a permanent twinkle in her eye and grin on her face.  She is a beauty to behold.

Ten years ago I stared down at her willing my face to show the love in my heart.  I'm a bit of an impatient one and knew months before that she would be a precious baby girl, but when her big brown eyes gazed back at me I was overwhelmed that she was...just as more perfect than I imagined.

I love that our family cherishes her.  
I love that she is a mini me, the constant mother, the rough and tumble girl her Daddy always hoped for.

I love that it was her big brother who led her in the Salvation Prayer at four and her Daddy who baptized her.

I love that she is content to be herself, secure, content, grounded in the Holy Spirit.

I often tell her

...of course instead of person, I tell her she is my favorite daughter.  She giggles and tells me she's my only one and I nuzzle her nose and tell her she's still my favorite.

This is one of Bella's very favorite songs and I love it's message!

Happy happy birthday Bella Boo, we love you so very much!



Jessica Johnson said...

happy birthday to your sweet girl! my mom used to say that i was her favorite (only) daughter, too! :) you are blessed to be her mommy.

and i'm still going to email you that bible study. promise. haven't forgotten! haven't started it yet, either.