Tuesday, May 17, 2011

{Waiting for Superman}

With God's prompting, we chose to homeschool two years ago.

We get to structure our day however we choose.  Choose whatever curriculum fits our child's learning styles. Break whenever we choose, for whatever length we choose. Choice after choice, we make each one.  And I take every single choice for granted.

I watched Waiting for Superman, this weekend and I was left heart broken and bawling.

I listened as statistics and footage showed me a 'back alley' if you will, of the public school system and how it is or isn't failing our children.  My opinion, based on the information provided (if it is accurate) is that we are failing our children,and that is heartbreaking.

Having been a product of the public school system I somewhat agree with the information provided.  I never lived in a low income neighborhood that would have been labeled as a low performing school, even still I had my fair share of teachers who poured into me, teachers who picked up a paycheck, schools that were a blessing to attend, and schools that were less than an acceptable.

In the end I was afforded every opportunity for success. I look back at those opportunities and I am embarrassed. I'm embarrassed that I took 10th grade English, not once, not twice, but three times.  I'm not embarrassed because a learning impairment kept me from doing so, but because I chose to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and not make school a priority.

This documentary gave a voice to those parents, many single parents, struggling just to provide their children with a safe and credible learning environment. When one little boy, no older than 11,  said while being interviewed that he wanted to got to a charter boarding school because he wanted a better life for his kids I felt the enormity of the situation. What happen to care free days when our littles went to school filled with beautiful daydreams of becoming teachers because their teachers inspired them to. 

Please hear my heart, teaching is one of the most sacrificial professions there is.  This post isn't about the teachers, the system, the unions, or the schools...it's about our babies being the next generation and their sweet spirits are broken.  It's about taking for granted that most of us can chose whatever path best suits our family, be it public, private, homeschool or anything in between.  It is also more about me really understanding the tremendous gift I have been given to be able to teach my children at home.  This film motivated me to fully embrace this amazing gift and pour out all that I have for my babies, until there is nothing left because they are worth it.



CaseyWiegand said...

wow. i have heard so much about this. my husband and I as artists both had trouble in school. so sad. i want to hear more about homeschooling at some point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!