Friday, April 15, 2011

{What a Silhouette has to do with a hot potato..}

I'm back from Creative Estates.  It was more than I can put into words, so I'm working on my recap post and it will be up soon.  I learned a lot, had a great time and won a Silhouette...sort of.

Last year I was overwhelmed with some amazing girls from Project 320 that affectionately call themselves the Hollas.  Project 320 exists to give to Charity:Water.  This year, Julie, after many attempts to win her very own Silhouette, did just that.  And then she gave it away.  Gave it to Charity:Water. My heart lept into my throat when I read her post. She would call it the right thing, I call it sacrifice.

When chatting with Kim from Today's Creative Blog at Creative Estates, she casually told me if she won the Silhouette she would give it to me.  {Let's back up, Kim from Today's Creative Blog was talking to me...that's a whole 'nother heart in throat moment.}

I'll be honest, I was totally like yeah right.  Fast forward to the last giveaway from the night and who wins the Silhouette, yep Kim did.  And yep, she was true to her word and gave it to little ole me {disclaimer that is totally a saying and not an admission to thinking I am little}!!! I was giddy, it was a magical moment.  But it was the moment after that I will treasure from Creative Estates.  I immediately knew it wasn't mine.  It was Julie'sErin was standing next to me and had driven to AZ...perfect.  Erin agreed to be my Silhouette mule and from there commenced Operation Re-Gift.  Little did I know Julie's heart is more amazing than I can describe.  Enter the hot potato of Silhouette's game.

Jeannett showed us the amazing organization Reece's Rainbows in the Fall of last year.  She rallied for sweet baby Cliff to find a home.  And he did.  What also came of finding Cliff a home, created an opportunity for Sergey to find a home.  His Mommy, Danielle has set up an amazing fundraiser to get him home.  And of course Julie knew that Silhouette needed to be a part of that fundraiser too.  I agreed.

That face is beyond precious.  Check out his Mommy's blog and learn how your $10 may just land that Silhouette and other goodies {like an Ipad 2} on your door step.  Even better, my prayer is that sweet face will be in his Mommy's arms come this Christmas!

You see I wasn't even at Creative Estates by chance.  I won a ticket.  I would probably still not have gone had my SIL, Melissa not won a ticket.  But she did.  Kim taking a chance on some chick from Texas, crazy talk.  Then winning.  Erin being at Creative Estates, with a car, and a willing heart.  Julie, being Julie.  God, my friend is in the details.  The word coincidence isn't in his vocabulary.  This story is not about Julie or me, it's about His desire to use us in ways that stretch us and do His incredible work beginning with the details.

Oh and I challenged Julie to see how many times we could give away a Silhouette between the two of us.  I'll let you know what comes of our shenanigans.



Jessica Johnson said...

sweet Jenni! now i understand why she loves you ALOT ALOT ALOT! what a heart you have! so glad you had such a fun time! :)

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

Loved that whole thing. Loved!!!

Melissa Stuff said...

And see I was going to work on getting you another Silhouette . . . but if you're going to be giving it away again, maybe I'll put that energy into finding us a sponsor for the next blogging conference instead.

Love you. Thanks for being my travel buddy.

Janet said...

Yes, God is in the details. What a wonderful story. So glad you shared it.

Gina Thomas said...

i'm so happy i met you and this silhoutte could not have gone to a sweeter person:)

Kim -today's creative blog said...

Yep, no coincidence. I was so happy to give it to you. I'm sorry I couldn't remember your first name and called you the girl with the wood beaded necklace. LOL I'm visual!
Someday you'll get your very own!!!
Loved meeting you.

Sara @ Mom Endeavors said...

This whole Silhouette story is fantastic! Love it! That moment was one of the best things at the whole conference! The gift that keeps on giving! ;)

Allison {A Glimpse Inside} said...

Loved meeting you Jenni! And how fabulous is this! Love this story and your big ole' heart! :)

Michell @ Girl In Air said...

How wonderful!!

I worked my butt off once to WIN a costume contest for my son and then ended up 'meeting' a family that lost both parents right before Christmas so I donated the $150 bike we won...

It was a better feeling than winning!

I guess you know that too;-)

Tauni said...

This was, without a doubt the most beautiful moment at the entire event. We have such a beautiful community!

Anonymous said...

this is truly amazing!! You totally won that Silhouette for a reason and it is amazing how y'all are passing it on!!

Erin Burns said...

I lovey, love, love, LOVE this post and all it represents!
your heart
julie's heart
meeting you
our friendship!
I was especially missing you this morning, and then came here to read this.
So happy now.
(but still missing you!)

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Love your heart, my friend!