Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Learning Humility from Little Hands

This past weekend I went to camp with our church and my kiddos. It was their first camp experience, as well as, mine. I was convinced God knew my heart and how hard it would be for me to let them go alone and so I obeyed the prompting to go. I was equally delighted when I found out one of my best friends, Chic was going with her daughter, Joelle; Bella's best friend. We were assigned a cabin to co-lead a group of 9 girls that included our daughters. The camp was beautiful and our church did a wonderful job of arranging the schedule and activities.

I drank deeply of God's precious mercy as I watched our youth dance with abandon to the worship band. Kids praying for kids, being filled up with the Holy Spirit, and experiencing God for the first time for some. It was an amazing experience I will treasure. But it's, not those memories that will take me back to that trip. It's the little hands of believers that taught me humility in a way only God can do.

At the last evening service one of our pastors, encouraged three boys to come forward. These three boys in praying for camp this weekend heard God specifically highlight that there were several adults that needed healing from back problems. My back has given me trouble for many years, but more specifically the last two years. I was reluctant, but went forward. Truth be told I went forward with the attitude that this would be an opportunity for the kids to learn to pray for healing. As sweet little Isaac laid hands on my back, I asked God to quiet my mind and open my heart. A pastor, Kevin came over and encouraged him to ask if I felt any difference. With a smile I explained that it doesn't hurt all the time and so I didn't feel anything. The pastor asked him if he had asked specifically where I typically had pain. I explained it was on the right hip/waist line (he had his hand on the left). The pastor, Kevin also let him put anointing oil in the place he was laying hands, the right this time. Kevin and another pastor, Rob joined Isaac in praying and laying hands on me. At this point I start to feel a 'icy hot' sensation run throughout my back. About this time I feel my knees buckling. Knowing there is a rather small child behind me, I fight it...probably jerking a bit. Then an amazing peace washed over me and before I know it I am on the floor. I'm sobbing that God met me in my unbelief and granted me peace in the deep ache of my heart. Then I hear Kevin praying and telling me he senses God said it's not just my back it's my spine and that he is doing a deeper work in my healing. I lost it. As I lay there I felt many little hands of kiddos with more faith than I can muster. Little hands that taught me humility.

I lost it, because Isaac showed me true trust in the Father. Isaac, Kevin and Rob have no idea of my past medical history. They had no idea that I cracked my pelvis in 2000, or that in 2006 I was diagnosed with a sciatic nerve, stemming from a problem with my spine, or that I was diagnosed and healed from Multiple Sclerosis in 2007 and 2008. They just called on the name of the Lord for healing from the Father.

When, I felt released to stand up I found my friend Chic. Sobbing again I fell into her arms. She held me and let me cry. When I pulled away from her she shared how she didn't know I was being prayed for, but came to find me when Joelle (her daughter) told her she thought God was going to heal me tonight. No one can tell me that kids can't hear God! Chic asked if I loved kids camp. Why yes, yes I do.

I'll be honest as back pain and colds come and go, I have questioned God's healing. I have many family members that give the knowing nod at the story of my healing, and I know in my heart that while they love me they can't or don't grasp that God can, could, and did HEAL ME! Satan is waiting at every turn to steal my joy. I will have to be hyper sensitive to his lies. Most of all I have to trust my Father with full abandon. I want child like faith. And I pray that I never forget that those little hands made me feel the closeness of the Father's touch like I have never felt before.

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emily said...

just awesome. little hands with hearts of faith. awesome.

walkers said...

wow jenni, how precious. i am sitting here crying with you at such a sweet and powerful testimony. love you!