Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh my....

GOODNESS, how time flies! Life at the Carlisle casa has been full throttle. Lots of comings and goings.

Easter was a day of new additions, when one of my younger brothers, Jacob asked his beautiful girlfriend, Anne to marry into our crazy clan...and she said YES!

Then my beautiful sister, Jackie gave birth to an equally beautiful baby girl, Olivia Faith Marie Hyde, on April 22nd., weighing in at 6 lbs 11 ounces and 19 inches long.

The first weekend in May, Randy and I took a short trip to Alabama with his Dad and step-mom and we had a blast! Just enough time to relax and enjoy ourselves. We had a chance to work on some retirement property they bought and we may just join was BEAUTIFUL! So peaceful!

We celebrated Mother's Day at school with a breakfast with the kiddos and it was bit bittersweet as the year draws to an end. It will be the first of many lasts in public school and I am feeling sentimental.

Then mid May we had a two day garage sale for our church's Mission Trip to Edinburgh, Texas. This will be our first trip as a family and the kids first mission trip ever...we are so EXCITED! We have a great testimony to God's faithfulness with the outcome of our garage sale. We sold quite a bit Friday and with the threat of rain we were seriously considering not putting stuff out on
Saturday. Well, we went ahead and set everything out and within 30 minutes we had sold $3 worth of stuff and it started to rain. Randy was gone getting breakfast, so Caleb, I and my mother-in-law dragged it all back in. I was not excited about the outcome, and was a bit peeved. Once I was done with my pity party I counted our money and we had TO THE DOLLAR, the amount necessary to cover our trip, church camp for the kids, our permit fees, and the newspaper ad. Man we serve an amazing God!

This cutie pie full of LIFE and energy is my nephew Carter. May 20th marked his one year anniversary post transplant. We are rejoicing in Heaven for this miracle and gift from God. Please consider organ donation and pray for the selfless family who gave us this remarkable gift! Carter is amazing, but his parents are pretty great too!!!

As for Randy, he is perfecting his skills of being good at everything! He is constantly whipping out a new wood creation...the latest was a cradle for my sister...brown with pink polka dots! He is also busy working on his physique with boxing and long distance bike riding. His major new love...other than me and the our garden. What a delight! We have harvested spinach, carrots, green beans, onions, and squash more than once and more to come! We love our Daddy and how he provides for us!

I am busy working at the church with our preschool department with childcare events, babysitting for friends, and delivering magazines for a local company. God again amazes us at his ability to provide our every need. I also am working on home school plans and getting the house in order for this new season. We are so excited for what God has in store for us and how he constantly reminds us that he LOVES us and he is FOR us!


bri said...

Wow what an amazing God we do indeed serve!

I love you girl and know God is watching over HIS sparrow!

ragamuffinbeauties said...

Thanks, Bri! Love you TOO!