Tuesday, November 16, 2010

{ragamuffin beauties}

I could not be more excited to FINALLY have my Etsy shop open!

Okay confession time.

I have been working on this shop for some time.  A long time.

I bought a sewing machine about two years ago and it sat unopened for a few months.  Then I decided to see what I could do and have slowly taught myself to sew with the help and guidance of a family member or two.  Even before sewing I dabbled with making bows, jewelry, etc.  I never thought I would actually be able to create a business out of my creative heart's hobby.  But here we are, a few missed deadlines later and she is open for business.  I kept thinking everything had to be perfect before I opened and then life happens and suddenly I realized I just had to go for it. So a little creative genius from my friend Becca at Jumping Jax Designs to create my Etsy banner logo and Etsy button and I was good to go!  I've stocked the shop with what I have ready to go, but I have tons more rolling out and will update the shop as it is ready.  I would love to be your handmade vendor this Christmas, as well as, for your future handmade needs.  If you have any questions or requests, please don't hesitate to ask!

I would love your support for my new business and appreciate any way you can help!  If you have a blog and would like to add my ETSY button the code, leave me a comment with your email address and I'll send it over.

Ragamuffin Beauties Button

If you need help installing it, let me know.

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You can visit my Sister-in-law, Melissa's blog for the very first Ragamuffin Beauties giveaway here.

And of course, go check out my shop HERE!  Shop til your hearts content!

Shop handmade!

XOXO Jenni


Janet said...

Congrats! It looks great and so do your products. I added you to my "Support These Mom-preneurs" link on my side bar.