Thursday, November 18, 2010

{oh Christmas card, oh Christmas card}

Oh Christmas card, how I love thee.  Christmas cards may be one of my favorite Christmas traditions.  Growing up in a military family, we met lots of families along the years.  Many of those families have treasured places in our hearts from many a meal or celebration enjoyed together.  Paired with the blessing of meeting so many people in the military comes the inevitable move.  Years have passed and my parents still get Christmas cards, typically with a yearly update, from these treasured friends.  I love pouring over the Christmas cards and letters as they begin to arrive to see who is married, who is having children, who has switched jobs, who has endured hardships and heart aches.  It's a lifetime of memories strung together like twinkling Christmas lights, only instead friendships are strung together throughout the years with Christmas cards.

Here are some of my favorites from the Christmas Card line:

I think I have a thing for the clean classic's just so pretty!

The Holiday Card line has some adorable options, as well.



Along with the great options they have in the Christmas Card line and Holiday Card line, they have endless options for gifts like their fabulous desk calendars and mugs.  They pretty much are a one stop shop with so many amazing products to choose from.  The great thing is they know a thing or two about customer service too and send out fabulous promotions when you sign don't walk to open a Shutterfly account.  I promise they will not disappoint!  I can't wait to get started on designing my Christmas cards for 2010 and I better get cracking!

37 Days til Christmas!

With love,