Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gratituesday: Celebrating Carter



I have been looking forward to snuggling with my nephew, Carter ever since I said goodbye in February and he jetted off to Boston.  I've missed him.  Each time I see him I have the opportunity to see the living example of how precious life is.  He doesn't speak, with the exception of a few words.  Ironically he doesn't have to.  People are mesmerized just being in his presence.  He signs a few things, but in true Carter fashion he gives it his own spin and adds a few to the batch.  This weekend he showed off his newest. As we asked him to show us 'I don't know', he would stretch his hands to each side of his body and shrug his little face side to side.  My favorite is 'pretty eyes' when he clamps his eyes open and shut all the while flashing a toothy grin.  His small body packs quite a punch to the personality that oozes from him.  His life is a testament to the gift God bestows Doctors, the love he brands on the hearts of parents, and the will to survive that Carter cranks out day after day.  Please read his story, and consider the gift of LIFE.  Most importantly soak up the goodness of each healthy child in your life!