Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bloggy Flip Flop Exchange...look what I got!

Getting back in the swing of blogging has reminded me of some long over due 'to do' items I've neglected. Opps!

I participated in a really fun Flip Flop Exchange at The Texas Darlings...Becca is a sweetheart by the way. 'Course the South has that affect on us Texas ladies (stop laughing). Anyway, kind of bummed I didn't get my kids involved after I saw Becca's packages for her littles.

My package was PERFECT!  SO along with fun mail, GREAT flops, I also have a new friend in Florida, Kelly!

Kelly got me some great beach flip flops, perfect for an upcoming vacay, a sweet note, a sermon/worship CD from her church and PEZ dispensers for my littles...notice the package is LOOOONG gone, as is, the candy!

It was such a fun swap....looking forward to next year, hint hint Becca!


Becca said...

What a great package to receive! Thanks for participating!


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