Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bella's Day with Daddy

So in my absence during the summer I missed an opportunity to share a sweet memory maker for Bella. Bella turned eight this year and was able to celebrate her birthday with her best friend, Joelle. Randy and Scott, Joelle's Dad, took the birthday girls and Joelle's sister Avery on an overnight stay in Dallas. They rented a cool hotel room, dressed up for a fancy dinner, went swimming, bought candy from a candy shop, and went ice skating! The girls had a blast, but truth be told I think the Dad's may have had more fun.

Daddy Daughter Date

Hamming it up, because that's how we roll!

 Silly girls, ready for some swimming!

Best Friends!

Ready for some Ice Skating!

Daddy, you're SO silly!

I was so thankful for this weekend in so many ways.  I think it is SO important for us to model for our children what a healthy relationship is.  I think it's important to 'date' our children, in this case Daddy's date your daughters.  Hear me theory is we should be the model of an appropriate help mate.  Bella's husband will not be a mirror image of her Daddy.  But, I pray that, what she sees modeled for her will leave a lasting impression of how her husband should love her, care for her, honor her, respect her, and prefer her.  Spending this one on one time with your child places value on them and impacts them in a very unique way.  Bella was more excited when she got home, than when she left & that cemented the importance of this practice in our home.

While Daddy was off with Bella, Caleb and I shared time together, too.  He wanted to go to dinner and a movie the night we had together. We had a pretty fun time ourselves.  As we talked I asked him what he thought was important to look for in a wife.  He shrugged his shoulder's & very innocently says, "Well, I want a wife who is pretty, cleans the house & cooks & stuff."  I nearly choked I laughed so hard!  Out of the mouths of babes!  I guess if I apply my theory I come out on top, being pretty, a good housekeeper, & a good cook.....but, since we all know better, I guess I have some work to do!