Monday, August 8, 2011

{'da blog biggity is a wee broke..}

Hi lovelies!  First off thank you for sticking around
while I have been in a year long writing crunch.  

Second, some cha cha changes have been
unveiled and with it some issues have unraveled.  Opps.

My amazingly talented lovely friend Heather from Life Made Lovely 
unleashed her mad talent on my blog and shop!  

{my ADORABLE shop banner!}

She actually gave the blog a beautiful face-lift a few months ago and then recently did some adjustments to help me create a more cohesive look and brand for my shop and blog.  To do that we changed the name of the blog to Ragamuffin Beauties and I switched the url too.  Heather also added a rad landing page to make me look all
{insert slang dilect here} snazzy and pro-FRESH-ional!  Woot!

In changing the blog name and domain some minor hiccups presented itself and it appears you are probably not receiving my posts...or rather the ONE I've posted since the switch-a-roo. So if you followed, I beg you to take a field trip over to
and join in the soon to be more frequent yet just as random fun!

In fact...I'd love it if you would like my FB page, follow me on "The Twitter"
and pin with me at my new fun addiction Pinterest
{and in case you want to...I'm jennilynncar on Instagram too}

And while we're at it  let me introduce to the stranger avatar that has been proclaiming to be your friend in your comment section...

Adorable right?  Although it looks slightly different than my former avatar, 
I thought it was a much better choice than this...

It's sexy, I know although a bit alarming.  Either way, just thought I'd let you know it's me, I'm still here in my technically challenged corner of the web-i-verse.
So what 'cha waiting for...go follow me here:
You know you wanna!

You can reach me at my snazzy email addy too:, give me a shout yo!


Jessica Johnson said...

you kill me! i love when you post pics on instagram bc that pic makes me giggle. totally sexy. work it, girl.

{cuppakim} said...

your new stuff is GORGEOUS.

as much as i love your old avatar (hilarious) the new one is FUN! :)

super cute bloggity blog stuff you have going!