Tuesday, December 8, 2009


God is SO good! Coupons have been such a blessing to our family over the last two years that we have been able to actually put a dent in debt, give more, & argue less. I think the last reason may be my favorite!  Lately I have been blessed beyond measure with coupons, because I know God knows my heart, my desires, and my needs.  He knows my spending patterns and my love language, too!

Along with my regular deals and great buys I have received these coupons (all within the last month):

* $40 1 800 Flower Gift Certificate
* 9 $5 ($45) Hallmark Gift Certificates
* $10 Victoria Secret Gift Certificate
* $20 Children's Place Gift Certificate
* $15 Lane Bryant Gift Certificate, with FREE panty coupon & 40% coupon that both could be used with GC!
* $10 JCPenney Gift Certificate

This are just the ones that made a huge impact on gifts and items we needed!  I also received freebie coupons for items like 4 free Cokes, a free box of Hostess cupcakes, 2 free International Delight Coffee Creamers to name a few!

The amazing part is knowing that God speaks to my heart because he meets a need in my coupon love language!

We purchased a coat last year for Caleb that shortly after been worn a few times was left outside for our dog to destroy.  As a lesson in taking care of our things and the value of money, we made him 'purchase' a new one.  Because Texas weather is ever changing the weather was warm enough to for go the coat and they were no where in sight in the stores.  Knowing I would probably have to purchase a more expensive coat I gave up looking.  This Fall I saw a beautiful wool pea coat at Children's Place with a hood and toggle buttons.  Perfect!  $65...whoa, not perfect.  Long story short I hounded the story waiting for it to go on sale and clenching my CP coupons for dear life!  Well, CP as a rewards program that pays you  to shop.  My Mom LOVES CP and buys most of their gifts their & so I used the points from those receipts to rack up a $20 GC.  I had forgotten about it until it came in the mail and I immediately called the store.  They were out and I wasn't able to use the GC online.  Bummer!  But wait, she offered to call a neighboring store...SCORE!  She called back saying they indeed had one in his size & would have it shipped to their store.  This is not a policy they typically practice, but I think she was tired of me calling!  HA!  So when I went to pick up the coat and used the GC, I paid $4.59 out of pocket!  God is good indeed!

That's not all.  A little TMI, but Momma was in need of a new white bra.  I have a specific style and brand that...ahem, works for me, but is pricy (for our budget).  Again, God in his goodness sent me a Lane Bryant $15 GC that I was able to use a FREE panty coupon & 40% off coupon with!  So I walked out of the store with bra and panty and paid $5.85 for $48.50 worth of merchandise!

And last, but certainly not least I have a set of grandparents that live in New York and it's hard to send them a gift at Christmas due to budget unless we went the GC route.  I was elated to get a $40 1 800 Flowers GC that can be used at any of their online buisness' with several free shipping options!

So coupons may be work, but boy are they worth it!  I am so thankful for God's provision and that he speaks straight to my heart, sometimes through my wallet no less!

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