Monday, November 2, 2009

Make Some Art Monday

Okay, not art in the natural sense. But, definitely art for me! To say I was excited about the outcome of this project is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!! I have had my sewing machine for a year and this is the third project I have completed. However, this is the FIRST one I've completed by myself!!!

So without further is the precious (at least I think so) outfit I made for my niece for Halloween.  (We did purchase the cute pants from Target.)

Candy Corn Girl

And with her equally precious Mommy, my sister Jackie.

So there's my art for Monday.

Now on to my super power...the ultimate craft creation...MY BABIES!

Prince Caspian on Horseback....

with Lucy in tow!

Happy Monday!


Janet said...

OOh, that candy corn outfit and baby are precious. Great costumes too!

luci said...

I love the colourful tulle you used for your niece for the make some art monday, especially as youmanaged to use your sewing machine x