Sunday, July 26, 2009

Reflection and Refinement

So, God and I had a date. Spending time with him led to this entry into my journal and I thought I'd share.

This tree is weathered and has endured many storms. It has lost it's visual beauty (life)...the lush green leaves that claimed each branch. But, the inner working says different. It's roots dig deep, in search of LIVING WATER ... it's source of life. It drinks deeply. Each storm may prune her, plucking away years of growth and years of a meek harvest, but still it grows. Those years sustain the trunk. And, each year it's branches grow and grab hold of the moment. Drawing in each opportunity for the SON to shine down rays for growth and warmth. And so in seasons, we may look upon the tree and see times of beauty and times of drought, it's truly the core that holds the rich marrow.

Just a brief taste of being in his presence, seems to bring wisdom of the ages. I think I'll do it again soon.

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