Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Happy Easter! My mother in law sent me this obit(click on picture to enlarge and read) and it struck me in a very profound way. Jesus' death and resurrection is the cornerstone to my faith and this picture painted a very real picture of his sacrifice. I am so thankful he was not selfish, as I am. I am so thankful that he was courageous, unlike me. I am so thankful his love abounds, unlike mine. I plan to watch the Passion this weekend with my family. This isn't a choice we are making without much deliberation and prayer as we have a 7 and 9 year old. We feel confident we will be able to discern whether or not they will watch the movie entirely or the less graphic portions. More than anything I want my children to know the profound impact of this weekend's significance and the gift Jesus gave us all on the cross.


Adam and Julia said...


I read the ovituary. It really does make sense. More should see it. As for the kiddos and The Passion, I think they will be okay. There are some parts that are hard for me to watch, but I just look away. Good Luck!!!

Happy Easter to you and your family!!!


MelissaStuff said...

Interesting that you were making this decision about the Passion. Without knowing anything about it or knowing what our service was going to be like tonight, we took the kids to our Good Friday service and they had a stepped down version. Various "stations" that touched on different aspects of the cross - the spear, the nails, the sponge (Bella HATED the vinegar that they let us taste), the crown of thorns, the whipping station. The kids may come home with a whole host of questions or totally assimilate it, and I think that will help you know how they are going to handle the movie which obviously then takes it a step further.

You have amazing kids and I'm proud to be their aunt. Love ya'll!